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The School encourages an environment of academic integrity and mutual respect that is tolerant, inclusive and supportive of the educational goals of all its members. As a member of the school you are expected to follow the expectations identified in the Institution. The Student Conduct code oversees both academic and behavioral conduct of students.

In order to meet the variety of goals and objectives of the students the spectrum of offerings is designed to enable students with a variety of objectives–both academic and co-curricular activities.

Principal Meet : Parents can meet the Principal only with prior appointment on all working days for any grievances or suggestions.

Assignments : All students are required to complete all assignments. Missing work and incomplete assignments are not acceptable. Assignments are to be recorded on a daily basis. If the notebook is lost the student must replace it.

The purpose of homework is to reinforce material already taught and to foster habits of independent study

Make-up/Absent work : When a student is absent from school he/she is required to make up all the work and to take the worksheet missed. When the student returns to school parent is responsible to speak with the teacher, to obtain the missing assignments, complete the work, and take the worksheet within the time specified by the teacher. As a general rule, the student has one day for each day of absence to make up the work.

P.T.M : We know that parents play an influential role in the progress and betterment of their child. Kindly cooperate and attend the PTM on regular basis.

A lot of time parents are hesitant to reach out because most of the communication from the school is taken negative. Don’t hesitate to reach out with good staff too. Be proactive. These planned activities give you an opportunity to interact with teachers, principals, and other parents.

Calendar : Parents are requested to duly sign the notices and assignments given. They can communicate with the teachers by using the specific parents’ column in the calendar.

Health Reminders : Students suffering from infectious diseases such as Chicken-pox, Cholera, Measles, Mumps etc. should not be sent to school till the infection period is over.

To assure a proper educational mix of students and to further broaden the educational opportunities offered by the school, we acknowledge and appreciate your co partnership to implement these Academic Policies.

Best CBSE School in Surat | Best School in Surat | Top 10 Schools in Surat, Gujarat