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Lancer's Uniform Policy is one of many measures utilized to assist students in developing skills such as being well groomed, following rules, self-discipline, and avoiding negative peer pressure that are necessary to become productive citizens.

The basic uniform is as follows:

  • Top: School's Green T-shirt

  • Bottoms: School’s Navy Blue jeans

  • Black shoes and Navy blue socks

  • School identity card


  • Students are to be in uniform every day, except on scheduled non-uniform days or when special permission is granted by school authorities for sports and/or Celebration days. Parents will receive advanced notice of sports and/or Celebration Days. Additionally, parents will be notified about appropriate apparel for these days.

  • Special Dress Days: Students must comply with expectations or wear regular uniform. Clothes that expose skin, see-through, too revealing, too tight, ripped or torn as well as unsafe shoes are always prohibited.

  • Students should wear clothes that are suitable for sports, especially during the inter-school tournaments.

  • School shoes should be polished regularly.

  • For Boys- Ear piercing, Tattoo and long hair is strictly prohibited.

  • For Girls-Henna, Nail polish, Tattoo, Jewellery and stylish hair cut not allowed.

  • Jewellery: Small articles of jewellery (earrings, necklaces, bracelets, watches) are permitted as long as they do not cause a distraction within the learning environment. Please be advised that the school cannot be responsible for lost, stolen or misplaced articles of jewellery.

The school administration reserves the right to determine whether the student’s attire is within the limits of decency, modesty, and safety.

Best CBSE School in Surat | Best School in Surat | Top 10 Schools in Surat, Gujarat