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  • Standards of behaviour will vary from home to home and family to family, but conflict arises when the expectations of school are different from those at home. It is quite clear that a pupil’s acceptance of any system of rules or behaviour is determined by the attitudes of home and local society. Therefore parental acceptance of the school’s expectations and active co-operation with the staff is absolutely essential if an acceptable standard of discipline is to be achieved. Although parents are not in school with their children, their influence is still greater than that of a class teacher.

  • Parents have a duty to ensure that their children do not cause injury or damage to others or to any property and they therefore have an obligation to promote the general policy and rules of discipline as laid down by the school

  • While being firm and consistent, any response to disruptive behaviour should be avoided by the students.

  • The co-operation of parents is sought in relation to maintaining high standards of pupil attendance, punctuality, personal appearance, the wearing of school uniform, caring for learning materials, particularly those which belong to the school and which may be sent home and the supervision of homework.

  • Parents are asked to give their positive support to this policy, the sole purpose of which is to assist the staff to fulfill the school’s function of seeking to develop fully the potential of all pupils.

  • Bad behaviour prevents this, either when an individual prevents his/her own development by behaving badly or when unacceptable conduct disrupts the development process for other members of the school community. It therefore follows that ‘good behaviour’ as outlined above in the ‘Behaviour We Wish To Encourage’ and ‘School Rules’, is that which conforms to these reasonable expectations and requirements of the school and is based upon mutual respect for the needs and aspirations of all in the school and upon care for its environment.

1. Try to ensure that your child arrives in school between 7:40 am and 8.00 am. Early arrivals cause supervision problems and late arrivals cause disruption to classes

2. Discuss schoolwork and homework with your child and see that the latter is attended to and signed each night by you.

3. Make the school aware of any problems your child may have with regard to schoolwork or personal relationships.

4. Give your child encouragement in all aspects of school life.

Best CBSE School in Surat | Best School in Surat | Top 10 Schools in Surat, Gujarat