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"THE ENTIRE STUDENTS ARE REQUIRED TO CONVERSE IN ENGLISH" as the medium of instruction is English. The language policy document aims to consolidate ideas and beliefs at School regarding language and language teaching and outlines systems and strategies in place to support the development of English as a lingua franca as well as development and maintenance of mother tongue in the school community.


Assessment plays an important role in students learning and achievement. It gives us insight into what they have achieved and what they have to achieve so that planning can be done accordingly. The school follows a diagnostic approach to learning.


Homework is important for knowing what is happening in the class and reviewing the learning progress of each individual. Thus, the focus can be diverted to students who may be having problems with homework. Homework enables parents to involve themselves directly in the learning program, to work with the child and help her/him in lessons.


Honestly moving onwards upwards & onwards is the hallmark of the school. Sincere dedication is appreciated and awarded.


Examinations are integral to school life and carry important significance in the development of pupil’s progress. An established system, understood by all, will operate for all examinations, whether internal or external. (The word “examination” is used here for those formal assessment occasions and does not include the individual “class” tests which teachers arrange at their professional discretion). All examination are strictly according to CBSE norms.


1. To create and sustain a system and atmosphere in which all pupils can display their true examination potential.

2. To prepare all pupils as best we can for any examinations they experience.

3. To promote examinations as an integral part of the teaching and learning and to provide pupils and staff with information to aid further progress, attainment, development and planning.

4. To establish and maintain, for all examinations, a consistent system which is understood and supported by all

5. To provide realistic, appropriate, standardized evidence of progress attainment and development

6. To provide evidence to inform a variety of other systems within the school: lesson planning, developing departmental schemes of work, pupil tracking, monitoring and intervention, to include all categories of pupils.

7. To provide parents with additional information on progress which will stand alongside information gathered from other sources: i.e. coursework, class work, homework etc.

8. No Re-examination / Pre-examination for any absentees.


1. Parents are not allowed to meet the class teacher during the class hours for any reason; they can meet only on Saturday on the basis of prior appointment. For appointment Click Here.

2. Parents are not allowed to enter the class during school hours

3. Parents are Welcome to meet the Principal only on prior appointment, on all working days for any grievances or suggestions.

4. Parents can meet the teachers & the respective Head- Mistress as per written / Verbal instructions.

5. Parents must ensure their presence when required in the interest of student.

6. Parents must carry Parent-ID card whenever they visit school/parents meeting.

7. Parents have to be very particular for their own dress code in the school, NO NIGHT WEAR/SHORTS/TRACK PANTS.


1. Parents are requested to check and sign the calendar duly to keep in communication with the respective teacher.

2. Parents/Guardians are NOT Permitted to visit the classrooms.

3. Parents are requested to use the specified Parent-column in school calendar in case of any communication with the teachers.

4. Parents are requested to be polite with the staff to here-by maintain the Decorum.

5. All parents are required to impart health education to their children so that they maintain personal hygiene like trimming of nails, regular hair cut and neatness on a regular basis.

6. Students suffering from diseases such as Chicken pox, Cholera, Measles, Mumps, Whooping-Cough, Jaundice and Conjunctivitis should not be sent to school till the infection period is over.

Best CBSE School in Surat | Best School in Surat | Top 10 Schools in Surat, Gujarat