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Welcome to Lancers Army School managed by Lancers Army School Society Trust.

The world has changed enormously since The Lancers Army School welcomed its first students in 1992, but its motto "ONWARDS UPWARDS AND ONWARDS" is still persist and has not yet changed in last 25 years. At Lancers Army School we see the inherent qualities in the students exceptionally. We mould each and every one and channelized their inbuilt talent through various curricular and co-curricular activities.

Our experienced and dedicated teachers live, work and play with our students in the congenial environment of Lancers Army School. We acknowledge that students are the important aspect of school as well as society, rightly stated that "NATIONS ARE BUILT IN CLASSROOMS". So, we inculcate values in the young minds like spirituality, patriotism, compassion, industriousness and distinct way of life besides formal education. The complete personality of the learners blossoms with the assistance of pious Gurus who stand like light-houses of inspiration for the betterment of the student. "A Teacher must be a true exemplar of his teachings in front of his students". He/ she should be a catalyst of positive change.

Here in the Lancers Army School the students are trained for competitive and challenging world, so we build their capacity to collaborate, take intellectual risks and turn their ideas and passions into something original and valuable.

Our school is an iconic and most innovative institution of learning which increases wisdom, foresightedness as it departs quality education with a diverse range of culture and creativity. We believe and emphasis on 3Ds i.e. DETERMINATION, DEVOTION and DEDICATION for their perseverance. At Lancers Army School we believe that good learning is majorly dependent upon the quality and competency of the academic staff. Hence the institution formulates a deeper understanding of the teacher selection process. Our academic excellence is carried forth by our highly trained and qualified teachers who also deeply identify with our vision. The teachers are chosen after a rigorous selection process. We believe that they are not only imparting learning but also act as role models who need to display qualities of a leader so that the students are influenced and motivated.

Social leadership and responsibility are best learnt through active participation. A number of student are appointed and selected after a careful scrutiny of their school records and entrusted with various responsibilities and share the task of maintaining decorum in the school. Senior student committee includes the School Head Boy, School Head Girl, Sports Captain, Sports Vice Captain, Discipline Head, Cultural Head, Dining Hall Head, Competition Head, Transport Head, Literature Head and Assembly Head periodically.

So, at Lancers Army School we groom the unique personality of the students and develop them as a youth icon for the society.

DR. Riddhish Bhatt

Best CBSE School in Surat | Best School in Surat | Top 10 Schools in Surat, Gujarat