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‘Learning should be a joyful journey in an environment punctuated with fun and play’.

Lancers Army School is built on firm moral grounds. The edifice stands tall on the philosophy of ‘Learning for Life’. We take pride in building well rounded personalities who are able to take the world in their stride. The school maintains the required equilibrium between mental capability and physical fitness by providing an array of activities much desired in a modern but sedentary lifestyle

Our mission is to inculcate the love of knowledge in our students and, for this, we aim to develop the skills and demeanour supporting lifelong ‘learning,’ values & life skills, in the making of responsible global citizens.

As I walk down the hall ways of the school everyday, I hear the chatter of curious minds, filled with excitement. The perpetual energy, movement and enthusiasm electrifies the atmosphere.

We firmly believe that the foundation stone of character and personality is laid by the school. The raw material of a dynamic society is the intellectual ability and professional skills of it's youth. Our students define us. They are our ambassadors to the world, the connoisseurs paving way for a better tomorrow, not only for themselves but also for the society at large. Thus endorsing the motto of the school,

‘Onwards, Upwards and Onwards’

The world is changing exponentially. The challenge staring us on the face is to prepare the next generation for an unpredictable future. The aim of the school is to develop the best that is latent in children and to prepare them for the challenges through encouragement, self discipline, ethics, high intellectual achievements and physical fitness.

We instil a sense of social responsibility amongst the students by working towards a greater goal of serving mankind through community service. Care and compassion towards the less privileged is a core value our students promote by involving differently- abled students.

Our school is committed to maintaining an academically rich and professionally competent environment and ensure that our students make a positive impact in our society and build a strong nation despite the challenging times.

In all our efforts, we seek the Lord's Grace to keep us on the path of virtue, courage and wisdom.

Salma Ahuja

Best CBSE School in Surat | Best School in Surat | Top 10 Schools in Surat, Gujarat